Finance / Stewardship

Purpose: To help coordinate financial resources for “Welcoming and Equipping All God’s Children to Grow and Serve”
through the following:
• Promote growth in faithful and grateful giving
• Review giving and estimate projected giving
• Monitor monthly receipts and expenses compared to budget
• Review Building Fund receipts and monthly loan payment
• Continue to work with the TLC Preschool & Childcare regarding their financial needs
• Prepare monthly financial reports for presentation to the church council
• Recruit head counters and options for alternative counting schedules

Chairperson: Phil Koenig & Treasurer
Finance Team Members: Paige Chenevey, Jeff Jenson, Steve Watchman, DeWayne Wendt, Doug Wendt, Steve Wilch – Assistant Treasurer, Assistant Financial Secretary, & Back-up Bookkeeper
Stewardship Team Members: Jeff Jenson, Becky Noack, Cait Schutt, Pastor Will Stenke, Peggy Wendt, Larry Whiteleather