Team Purpose:

Trinity Lutheran Church TLC Preschool & Childcare Center will serve young children and parents in our community and surrounding communities by providing a nurturing, safe environment for children to learn, grow, and play. Positive development will be emphasized through the sharing of our Christian beliefs and the understanding of the Good News of the Gospel. It is our hope that the Church and childcare program will become a better resource for parents and children to respond to day-by-day events and changes in society and family. In this manner, it is our hope that Trinity Lutheran’s congregational life can be a part of each parent’s family life.

Team Goals:

1. To provide a safe, healthy, and stimulating Christian environment in which children can grow and learn.

2. To complement and support the family unity and provide every opportunity for meaningful involvement for the parents in the education and Christian growth of their children.

3. To encourage the children to become involved in the friendly, relaxed, and stimulating environment of the Center under the supervision and guidance of experienced and dedicated staff.

4. To be an extension of our ministry of the church by providing for the needs of both the enrolled children and their families.

5. To develop a quality program in the area of physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual development of the enrolled children.

6. To be an in-reach to the members of the congregation and an out-reach to the members of the community.

TLC Preschool Director:
Kari Panning