High School Class

Target Audience: High School Students

Books and Material: This is a 4-year, 160-lesson plan that covers a student’s entire span of time in the high school class with different material but with a repeating pattern of 8 themes (i.e., 5 exposures to the same theme each year at 8 week intervals).  The themes are as follows:

  • Get a life – accept God’s invite.
  • Be the branch – connect to the vine of Jesus.
  • Prepare for battle – put on the armor of God and the sword of the Spirit.
  • Make someone’s day – sacrificially “suffer” like Christ.
  • Be tough, not rough – balance the teeter-totter of love and truth.
  • Different strokes for different folks – seek first to understand.
  • Turn, turn, turn – there is a season.
  • Analyze and synthesize – uncover and plan to God’s glory.

 When and Where: Sunday morning during school year at 10:15 AM in the high school room

More details: Each week, we review a Biblical example, a life application (via a story or movie clip), and/or a music video that applies to the theme that week. Every ninth week, we go to McDonald’s to review and celebrate what the students have learned.

For questions ask: Phil Koenig