Adult Bible Study, Men’s & Ladies Classes

Men’s Bible Study

Target Audience: Adult male members of the congregation.

When and Where: Class meets during Sunday School hour 10:15 AM in the Library (213).

More details: The Men’s class is a casual group focused on fellowship and sharing of opinions on current events primarily in the sports realm.  Regular attendance is encouraged but not required as we take a methodical approach to completing the book and associated study.  All are welcome to join, rejoin or visit.

For questions ask:  Jason Broerman

The Parenting Class

Target Audience: This class is for anyone who might be interested in relating the bible to your everyday life. Some examples of who may come are: married, not married, or single.  You can come with someone or alone. You can bring your child with you until the age of Sunday School, 2 and under.

When and Where: This class meets upstairs across from the Pastor’s office, room 210.  We meet at 10:15 AM

For questions ask: Tricia Might

Lounge Learners

Target Audience: This class is for all ages, gender and life circumstances; singles and couples. No Bible study experience is needed. The class is open to anyone who wants to “learn,” and any level of participation is welcome.

Books and Material: We will continue to follow the Bible readings for that Sunday. We have discussion about the questions surrounding these lessons from the Serendipity Bible and various study Bibles. We are also open to anyone’s question of the hour.

When and Where: We meet in the Lounge (Rm 212) Sundays at 10:15 AM

More details:  Come, have fun, and “learn” with us!

For questions ask: Shirley McKinniss

Berean Class (from Acts 17:11)

Target Audience: Women with older children in school, grown children, retired, widowed

When and Where: Room 211 on Sundays at 10:15 AM

More details:  For women who want to study the Bible, share with and support each other during all phases of their lives

For questions ask Ivy Nehls