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 "The Church is not a building where people go to pray; its not made out of sticks and stones, its not made out of clay.  We are the Church, the Body of our Lord, we are all God's people, we have been restored." 

(The Church Song by Jay Beech)


That simple song sums up who we are as Trinity Lutheran Church - we are not a building, we are a people bound together by God to live like Jesus in the world.  We hope that as you explore our web site, you will discover a people that you would like to meet and serve with in person.


What will you find at Trinity?


Real People - We are not perfect and we don't always agree but we know who we are and whose we are.  As the people of God, we work every day to forgive as we have been forgiven, to live in peace, and to support each other as we try to follow the way of Jesus.


Real Faith - Following Jesus is much more than just showing up for worship on a Sunday morning - it is always connecting God's Word with daily life.  That means we spend time in small groups studying the Bible; creating an interactive rotational Sunday School program for our children; and worship and preaching that engage what it means to believe in Jesus in a 21st Century world.


Real Life - As we develop relationships of faith and see God more at work in us, we go out into the world to live like Jesus.  We seek to serve others in need, see Jesus in our neighbor, and realize that God is present with us at work, at home, and all of life - not just inside the walls of a church building.


Take a look around our web page, come visit us, and explore getting real with Jesus at Trinity Lutheran Church.





Services, Wednesdays at 7:00 pm

The Parables of Lent

A Series of Services for the Season of Lent
Each service in this series focuses on a Biblical parable that connects Lenten themes. Within each parable’s plot is woven a unique message about what we receive through the crucified Christ. Come to worship and take the message with you to enrich your own stories of faith in Jesus as we journey through Lent.


Weekly Schedule:

Week 1: February 25, 2015: “Receive the Word: The Sower and the Seed” Matthew 13:1-8, 18-23 The seed that falls on fertile soil takes root and grows, while seeds in other soils fail. The Word of Christ flourishes within us.

Week 2: March 4, 2015: “Receive the Treasure: The Hidden Treasure and the Priceless Pearl” Matthew 13:44-46 Two men give all that they have to buy objects of great worth. We who are priceless to Christ receive Him who gave all that He had to call us His own.

Week 3: March 11, 2015: “Receive Mercy: The Good Samaritan” Luke 10:25-37 A man beaten on the road gets help from an unlikely traveler. We who are often beaten down along the road of life encounter the healing of Christ through the Cross.

Week 4: March 18, 2015: “Receive Grace: The Workers in the Vineyard” Matthew 20:1-16 All workers in a vineyard are given the same pay from the master, no matter how long they have labored. All who have been called by the Master are blessed by the same reward in Christ.

Week 5: March 25, 2015: “Receive Forgiveness: The Prodigal Son” Luke 15:11-32 A wayward son returns to the forgiving embrace of his father, who welcomes him home. We who have strayed return again and again to the embrace of our Father, through the sacrifice of His Son.




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In case of bad Winter Weather


check here on our web page and our Facebook page for cancellation information as well as WFIN.  Our cancellation policy is as follows:


Level Three Snow Emergency -All church activities at Trinity are canceled, office closed

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